Why The WealthSaver™ 2022 Planner Is a Great Gift Idea for Women

By Adrienne Taylor-Wells, AFC

Are you still wondering what to get for the special woman in your life for New Year’s? Or perhaps she has a January, February, or March birthday coming up. Either way, you can stop your frantic searching. I’ve got the perfect gift idea for any woman in your life who loves to organize: The WealthSaver 2022 Planner from Tailored WealthSaver. 

This spending plan planner provides space for driven, motivated women to journal, practice self-care, keep track of appointments and important dates, and of course, stay on top of their finances with monthly checklists, reminders, and planning space. Keep reading to find out what makes this monthly spending plan planner so special.

What Makes the WealthSaver Planner Different?

As I set out to write the WealthSaver Planner, I wanted to create the planner I always wished I had, but could never find anywhere else. As a lover of organization and keeping track of everything in one place, I’d used monthly planners for years to record important dates and events, remember my appointments, and plan out my daily tasks.

I also kept a journal, not only to record my thoughts and feelings but also to set my goals and track my progress toward those goals. I’d journal about the things I was reading and learning about from my network, and I’d write down the visions I had for myself and the life I was building. For me, journaling was an important part of my daily self-care routine. 

And as a financial counselor and avid proponent of financial wellness, I also tracked my spending and spending plan goals in a separate spending plan planner. While digital spending planning apps work for some people, I found that actively writing down my spending plan goals on paper helped me stick to them and keep them top of mind. 

Needless to say, all these separate planners and journals were cumbersome at best, and disorganized at worst. Everything between them overlapped. The daily tasks in my planner were the things I needed to do to reach my big, audacious goals. And many of my goals were financial, but I mostly tracked my progress toward those in my spending plan planner. To stay on top of it all, a lot of what I was writing about in each ended up being redundant.

That’s why I created the WealthSaver monthly spending plan planner. It combines the organizational efficiency of a monthly planner with the space to journal and plenty of spending planning worksheets to help you track your finances, such as a net worth statement tracker and reminders to pull your free credit reports. The truth is, the WealthSaver Planner is so special because there’s no other planner out there like it. 

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How the Tailored WealthSavers Planner Works

The monthly spending plan planner starts with the big picture and gradually narrows down to more specific dates and actions. At the beginning of the planner, you’ll find an annual calendar where you can write down important upcoming dates and events for the entire year. The calendar also includes special dates, holidays, and important financial dates (such as when to file your taxes).

Next, the WealthSaver™ 2022  Planner contains room for you to journal about your goals for the year—both financial and non-financial. I encourage all members of the WealthSaver™ tribe to set audacious goals! Dream big. At the end of this section, you’ll find a goals money jar where you can track your savings progress toward a specific financial goal throughout the entire year. There is also a net worth statement tracker so you can see how your net worth changes throughout the year.

The remainder of the planner is organized by months. Each month contains a monthly self-care log where you can make sure to schedule that oh-so-important time for yourself. There is also a spending plan for each month as well as a weekly scheduler to keep track of tasks, appointments, and important dates on a daily basis.

Each month also contains reminders and worksheets for specific financial tasks to take care of that month, such as regular credit report checks. If you follow the instructions and tasks for each month for the entire year, you’ll find that by this time next year, your finances will be more organized than they’ve ever been before.

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Who Needs the Tailored WealthSaver Planner?

In my opinion, everyone can benefit from the Tailored WealthSaver Planner! (But of course, I realize I may be a bit biased.) In all seriousness, the WealthSaver 2022 Planner was designed by women for women, so driven millennial women who want to actively take control of their finances will benefit most from this type of planner.

While you still have to do all the work, the monthly spending plan planner provides you with the direction you need to take control of your finances in an organized manner. Everything is spaced out so that you don’t get overwhelmed trying to do too many things at once. And best of all, the planner allows you space to make mistakes and learn from those mistakes.

Taking control of your finances can be a messy business. That’s okay. The monthly spending plan planner allows you permission to learn and grow as you go. Regular tracking and check-ins are the best way to make meaningful progress toward your goals, and the path toward those goals doesn’t have to be a straight road. 

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The WealthSaver planner from Tailored WealthSaver is the perfect gift for any motivated woman in your life who wants to take control of her finances and keep her life organized. Plus, this planner provides the perfect opportunity to set realistic New Year’s resolutions and stick to them

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Click here to order your copy of the WealthSaver 2022 Planner today!

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