My Money & Memorial Day?

In preparation for Memorial Day, retired Marine, Bob asks you to pause and reflect, take a moment of silence and ask yourself, what can I do to be financially proactive in…

Why Financial Literacy Is Important In The Workplace

“Not again!…Another unexpected bill” said Charlie, a hard-working professional millennial who is now stressed once again trying to figure out how to pay his latest unexpected expense. Charlie went from being the top in the graduating class to now earning well over 6 figures, yet still he somehow lives paycheck to paycheck. Charlie’s story is […]

WealthSavers Closing The Gap

Tailored WealthSaver is helping more than ever with a grant from The Plutus Foundation! Tailored WealthSaver is proud to announce that we’re now a Plutus Foundation Grant Recipient!  Combined with our mission of making finances more accessible and better for the people who need it most, this generous grant will give us the boost we […]

The Impact Of Financial Literacy in Life

April is Financial Literacy month! According to recent financial literacy and wellness studies from Standard & Poor’s (S&P), Global Financial Literacy Survey, the TIAA Institute- Personal Finance Index, and FINRA, many US adults lack basic financial literacy skills. Moreover, because so many adult Americans lack the basics of financial literacy skillsets, they cannot make sound […]

Are You Keeping Your Money Safe?

Money Under Mattress

Many people stores their excess money under the mattress, and for a good reason. However, keeping money under the bed is detrimental and no longer serves as a safe practice. Here’s some more practical ways to store your money.

Why The WealthSaver™ 2022 Planner Is a Great Gift Idea for Women

Are you still wondering what to get for the special woman in your life for her upcoming birthday is January, February, or March? You can stop your frantic searching. I’ve got the perfect gift idea for any woman in your life who loves to organize: The WealthSaver 2022 Planner from Tailored WealthSaver. This spending plan planner provides space for driven, motivated women to journal, practice self-care, keep track of appointments and important dates, and of course, stay on top of their finances with monthly checklists, reminders, and planning space. Keep reading to find out what makes this monthly spending plan planner so special.